Ahhh...TEPCO...an endless source of news...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it's a bit early to say for certain, but once again, a typhoon that seemed to be headed towards took a last minute turn and will pass harmlessly south of us. Not to mention, the typhoon has weakened significantly since it hammered Okinawa, causing 4 deaths. It's now not even technically a typhoon anymore. Back home, we'd call it a tropical storm. It'll still dump tons of rain on Shikoku and we'll get some rain as well, However, the winds won't do much damage...flooding and landslides? Maybe...so, it's better to be safe than sorry, I guess. Anyway, we can expect some rain and wind later today and then it'll clear up and be sunny for the next three days. I suppose I can put up with a rainy morning if it means we'll get  3 days of sun afterwards! Ha ha!

Good ol' TEPCO...if there is one thing we can count on, it's the incompetence and sheer arrogance of the people running that company.

Seriously though, who is running that company? A bunch of elementary school kids could probably do a better job! First their plan to cool down the reactor was to pour water over it and store the water in tanks...the tanks overflowed so they decided to dump the radioactive water into the ocean. That way every country in the Pacific Ocean can share in the radiation...very generous! Ha ha! Then they had a plan-which I thought was a joke at first, but apparently they are trying it at the moment-to build an ice wall between the radiated water and the ocean...yeah...that'll work..(me being sarcastic). Seriously though, who thought it would work? Have you ever eaten an ice cream outside in Japan in the summer...it lasts for about a minute! But a wall of ice...oh yeah, that's a great idea! (me being sarcastic again). Well, they have tried it and strangely enough (sarcastic again) it didn't work...oh, and the cost? $470 million. I could have told you that it wouldn't work and it would have only cost the government a $500 consulting fee. Oh...and a $1 million 'stupid question' penalty...ha ha! Seriously, nice to see our tax dollars working hard...
fukushima wall 

And to make matters worse, they are cutting the benefits of the Fukushima people who have been relocated due to the disaster as well as those who lost their lives during the evacuation.

Ok...so, the company suggests building an impossible ice wall at $470 million (of which the government-meaning me and you) are footing the bill but cuts the benefits to victims of their incompetence AND...yes, it gets worse...AND, at the same time, giving themselves bonuses. I wonder if they are hiring? Ha ha! If I worked at TEPCO, I could make insanely idiotic suggestions that the government would accept and pay for while at the same time giving myself a bonus...it sounds like a perfect job, doesn't it? And I won't even be responsible if it all goes pear-shaped. I can just blame the government...ha ha!

And...yes, there's another AND...and, they are still dumping radiated water into the ocean (300 tons a day-think of one ton as equal to a small truck, so they are dumping 300 trucks worth of radiated water into the ocean EVERY DAY)...sigh...remind me to give up eating seafood from Japan! Ha ha!

Here is an image of radiation in the Pacific Ocean from 2012. I wonder what it looks like now...

What do you think? Are they seriously doing the best they can? Is it good enough? Should the government step in and take control-surely they can't do any worse?

Have a great day!

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