Older but not wiser...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was a mix of rain and sun and wasn't humid at all! When I left my school to head home, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. And this morning isn't too bad either. Unfortunately it isn't going to be sunny as they had originally predicted, but luckily they aren't calling for rain either. The next few days will all be cloudy with highs between 28C and 30C and then it looks like we may see some sun by the end of the long weekend.

I always thought adults were so smart when I was a kid and I desperately wanted to grow up so I could be smart like them.

Now I'm grown up and realize that I'm not that smart...there are tons of things I still don't know...and these aren't mysteries of the universe...they're just things I thought I'd know by now...


where should I look when I pee? Do I look straight ahead? It's not very interesting examining a wall from 10cm away...ha ha! I can't look around because what if the guys think I'm looking at their...you know...and I can't just look down the whole time either, can I? I'd look like I was checking myself out...ha ha!
questions pee spot

and who closes the door on the bus when the driver gets off? Do they press the close button and then jump through it like Indy Jones? Do they just leave the door open the whole time? Or have they got some remote control that they use? How do they close it? I bet you are all going to be lying in your beds tonight thinking about the answer to this one...ha ha!
questions bus door

and how come another tissue pops up when I take one out of the box? How does that happen? I take a tissue out and there's another one waiting for me! It's like magic!
questions tissue box

I've got to learn these things...there's no way I can have kids because I'll have to explain to them why the sky is blue and about God. How am I supposed to tell them about God when I can't even explain why Jell-O is a solid...you put any other liquid in the fridge and it becomes a solid and then you take it out and it becomes a liquid again. Not Jell-O, once it's a solid, it's a solid forever! How does that work?! I need to figure it out before I can even consider having kids! ha ha!
questions jello

Have a great day!

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In my childhood, there was a comedian who made his audience burst into laugh by saying " I wonder how they put such huge subway cars into the under ground. It 's a big mystery for me. Once I begin to think about it, I can't even sleep at night! " He could make a fortune by this simple question. So your "mysteries" might be wothwhile, if you were a comedian!