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Sorry today's blog is so late-they were doing maintenance on my blog website this morning so I couldn't write it till now...

Did you get hit by that passing storm last night? It hit my place around 7:30 and there was thunder and lightning and pouring rain and then 20 minutes later it was over...just enough to give my towels a second washing...sigh...ha ha! And they'll get a 3rd washing tonight when I throw them in the washing machine again...ha ha! Today so far was cool in the morning and is a bit humid now but at least they aren't calling for rain...it is still rainy season though, so who knows? It might rain...and it might rain again tomorrow and the next day...or it might not...by Sunday they are calling for a change in the weather and mostly sunny skies after that. Highs all week will be 'arasa'...ha ha!

I read in the paper today that a loosely organized group of business leaders has set a target to increase the number of female managers in their companies. On first glance, it looks like a great idea..not that it would take much to improve their record now...check out the ration compared to other developed countries...not very impressive, is it?
japanese managers

So, the plan to change the culture of promoting only men is a good one. However, they haven't gone nearly far enough. They seem to be proud of the fact that 60% of their members had a clear target to increase the number of female managers...my response is ONLY 60%? What are the other 40% doing?!

And, on top of that, some of the companies that are trying to increase the percentage of female managers are taking very, very small steps...currently Toyota has about 100 female managers and are planning to increase that number to 300 by 2020. That sounds like a big goal, right? Not really, if you consider that the company has thousands of managerial positions. Here are some of the other 'goals' set by Japanese companies...

Toyota Motor Corp: Will triple the number of women in managerial positions from the current 101 to 300 in 2020, and then to 500 by 2030.
Shiseido Co: Proportion of women in “leader” positions at 26.8% as of April, but will seek to bring that up to 30% in fiscal 2016.
Shimizu Corp.: Will aim to triple the number of women in managerial positions to 36 in 2016 from 12 in 2011.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.: Will boost the percentage of women in managerial positions to 20% by the end of fiscal 2020, up from 10.5% as of fiscal 2013.
Hitachi Ltd.: Will have 1,000 women in managerial positions by fiscal 2020, which is 2.5 times the number in fiscal 2012.
Nippon Life Insurance Co.: Will have 520 women in managerial positions by fiscal 2018, a 20% increase from 2014.
Komatsu Ltd.: Will raise the number of women in managerial positions from the current 57, or 3.6% of the total managers, to over 5% by April 2016.
Tokyo Gas Co.: Will continue to hold seminars on careers for female employees. The company has raised the percentage of women in managerial positions to 5.8% from 4.1% in 2009.

What do you think? Is it a step in the right direction? Should I be more patient...I suppose the fact that they are considering it at all is a good sign..but it's not much progress, is it? Check out Tokyo Gas-they haven't made any promise other than having seminars...ha ha! And their female managerial percentage is a measly 5%! In Canada, those large companies must have a certain percentage of female managers-I forget exactly...30%, I think...if they don't, they get fined by the government for discrimination! Could you imagine that happening here in Japan? We could wipe out the deficit in 5 years with all of the money collected from companies having to pay the fines! Ha ha! The only companies that would be safe would be ones that have a lot of female employees, like cosmetic companies...

I'm a very progressive company-100% of employees belong to a visible minority! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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