She should be a saleslady...

Good morning everyone,

There was no rain yesterday and they are only calling for a slight chance of rain today. Tomorrow is supposed to rain in the afternoon and evening and Sunday they have no idea-if I had to guess, it's because that is the day we will be shifting from rainy season to summer. Then it'll be sunny and hot every day after that...

Ok...I'm sure I told you about my traumatic experience at last year's health check. In case you forgot, here is the Reader's Digest version (see below for explanation)...I had a health check last year for the first time in 5 years and it was also the first time I had a 'complete' health check. Before, when my company was paying for them, I only had my height, weight and waist measured, my eyes and ears tested and an x-ray and that's about all. I don't even think they took a blood sample! Ha ha! That's how cheap they were! Anyway, last year's included a ton of stuff I'd never done before-like taking stool samples and the barium test.

After last year, I swore that I would never, NEVER EVER do the barium test again. Unlike most people I didn't mind the taste of the barium-it was just some milky, powdery gook. For me, the most stressful was when I was on the bed and the nurse was spinning me around like a piece of lettuce in a salad-drier.

But it wasn't smooth like that, it was so jerky-I swear whoever designed that machine was the same guy who designed a backhoe...ha ha! I'm no genius, but wouldn't it make more sense for the patient to lie in one of 4 positions-face up, face down, on their right side and on their left side and then have the camera move around the patient? Instead, we were upside down, sideways and holding onto the bars for our lives (there are no safety belts) while the nurse hides in another room and asks us to move around. And the sound system is straight out of the 1930s, all I heard was, "@)#*%^#)%)(#^%_#@" and then she repeated herself and the second time was better. I heard, "S:DIPOGH:CKOIDSH" (letters instead of sounds, but still no words...ha ha!

Apparently they do have a barium swallow test (as it is officially known) in Canada and it looks like this...
barium swallow canada

In Japan, like this...
japan barium swallow

It was a nightmare! And as I was walking out of there, I told myself that it would take a miracle to get me to do that again. That this year I'd still get a health check, I'd get one without the "barium torture test" (which is what they should call it!) but It turns out I was wrong.

That's right! I've signed up for the same test this year. At first I told the lady, "No way", but she slowly convinced me that 30 minutes of hell was worth knowing whether I had some stomach illness or not...I agreed. I'm still not sure it's worth it or not, but she was so convincing...ha ha!

I think she should be in sales. She could sell ice to an eskimo! She probably could have talked me into getting the premium health check package, if she had tried! Ha ha!

How about you? Has a nurse ever convinced you to do a test that you didn't really want to? I guess it's part of their job...nobody really 'wants' to go for a health check, do they? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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