Okinawa Festival 2014 in Hiroshima

Good morning everyone,

Well, there still hasn't been an official announcement, but I think it's safe to say that this weekend will mark the end of rainy season. Makes me Hiroshima we have Spring (apparently...I've never seen it...ha ha!), Summer, Fall, Winter, and Rainy Season, but my students always tell me that Japan has 'four seasons'. Math was never my strong point but that comes to five according to my fingers...ha ha! Anyway, there's a chance of rain this afternoon and then the rest of the week is looking hot, humid and sunny. Just like every summer in Hiroshima. We'll see highs over 30C every day and humidity off the charts. Actually, starting yesterday I've been drinking 2L of water per day! For me, that's the firs     t sign of summer! The second one is that I'm covered in sweat no matter what time of day it is! Ha ha!

What better way to 'beat the heat' than having a beer at the Okinawa Festival!?
Okinawa festa banner

I can't think of one...well, there's one, but I don't think it's legal! Ha ha! Except for going skinny dipping at Hiroshima Castle, I can't think of a better way to beat the heat than having an ice cold Orion beer and a plate of goya chample.
okinawa goya champleokinawa orion beer
And there are going to be a ton of entertainers there from Okinawa. Of course I have no idea who half of them are, but that's ok. I can listen to any music at all as long as I've got a cold beer in my hand! Ha ha!

But for me the main event is being able to pick up some Okinawan themed Carp goods! What a great idea! 

I'll definitely pick up a t-shirt or two...
okinawa carp goods
Now, I only need to find a day to get there...luckily it starts today and goes all the way through till next Sunday. That means that I should definitely be able to sneak in at least once before it's over. (Twice, if the beer isn't outrageously overpriced! Ha ha!)
okinawa orion beer
Then I need to find some gorgeous woman who'll treat me! Does anyone know if Norika is still available? Norika, if you're reading this and if you're free sometime in the next week or so, head to Hiroshima and take me out for some goya chample and Orion beer! Actually, if you make the effort to come all the way here, I'll treat! Ha ha!
okinawa orion beer
If you could go with anyone to the Okinawa Festival, who would you choose? 
Have a great day!

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