Dangerous weapon...

Good morning everyone,

Enjoying this hot weather? You may or may not be, but there were at least 8 people yesterday who didn't read my blog...In Hiroshima yesterday, 8 people were hospitalized for heat stroke. It's not going to get any cooler for the rest of the week either-they are calling for highs of 33C and 34C for the next 3 days, so please take care!
Bad things happen in threes.

A couple of days ago I had to ride my bicycle home without a light. I'm not sure what happened, but while my bike was parked at a bicycle parking area (y'know one of the legal, paid parking areas), the front light was knocked off. It wasn't stolen, the pieces were on the ground around my bike, but the front cover was broken.
bad things-broken light

I'm guessing someone knocked my bike over and broke the light. Probably some middle-aged lady...(we're always blaming kids, so I thought I'd blame someone else for a change...ha ha!)

Then yesterday I was making my bento-this week is meatloaf-and I was chopping up an onion for it when, for the first time in ages, it made my eyes water like crazy. I guess it usually doesn't happen because I often cut my onions into slices which aren't that fiddly so I can keep my eyes far away from the onion. Yesterday I had to dice the onion, which meant getting a lot closer to make sure they were diced small enough. I made it through the first half without a problem Then, my eyes started to water while I was dicing the second half. I couldn't see anything so I took a break to clear my eyes before starting again. However, as soon as I started cutting again, my eyes starting watering like crazy. I managed to make it up to the last cut and I couldn't see at all, but I just wanted to get it finished! And, of course I ended up nicking my thumb...When I first did it, I was sure that it was going to be pouring blood! Luckily, it barely bled at all. Thank God for thumbnails! ha ha! I didn't even need a band aid! 

I couldn't find a good picture for this one...they were all way too gross or too realistic! Mine is barely visible...it looks more like a paper cut! ha ha! 

So, now I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall...I wonder what it'll be. With any luck, it'll be something minor like the first two were...I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
bad things-fingers crossed
Have a great day!

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Oh ! I'm sorry to hear(read)that, Jerry. I hope the last thing will be a minor one like snagging your little toe on the corner of the desk?
No, it must really hurt, sorry !! Anyway, I'll keep my finger crossed for you.