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Good morning everyone,
Was yesterday hot enough for you? If not, don't worry! It's going to be even hotter today and if today isn't hot enough, no problem! It's going to be even hotter tomorrow! Well, I don't know how much hotter it can get, but we're going to see highs of 34C (at least) for the next three days before it drops down to 33C on Sunday. I wonder where my cardigan is...I might need it! Ha ha! The coolest day this week-comparatively speaking-will be Tuesday with a high of 'only' 31C. Brrrrr!

Are you tired of seeing the farmers and fisherman come up with an excuse to raise the price of food every year? It's always, 'It was so cold' or 'It was too hot' or 'Too much rain' or 'Not enough rain'...then...'We are so sorry, but we have no choice but to raise the price this year' Well, this year, for the first time in...forever...eel are in abundance! Apparently, the catch this year is about triple the amount of last year and prices are already half of what they were! With this heat, having a grilled eel sounds pretty good! (In Japan, eating grilled eel during the summer months is part of a tradition to help you deal with the heat.)

So, are you looking for a job? Do you want to work hard and get a little pay? Do you want to be stuck on a remote island with no internet or cell phone connection? Do you want to be a 25 hour ferry ride away from the closest airport? How about being on an island with no ATMs?


Hmmm...the more I think about it, the better and better it sounds! Ha ha!

Well, if it's starting to sound good to you too, you should check out 'Hello Work'! (Hello Work is the name of the Japanese Employment Office-don't ask me why! Ha ha!)

They are offering a position as a cook on Iwo Jima! That's right! The island is part of the Ogasawara Chain is, of course, famous for the battles there during WW2 and the iconic photo/statue of the American victory. It was also a hugely popular film by Clint Eastwood which showed the battle in two separate stories from both the American and Japanese points-of-view.


Anyway, if you want to escape from the rat race, getting to Iwo Jima would definitely fit that description. It's about 1800km south of Tokyo and there is no public transportation to or from the island. In fact, you might be the only civilian living on the island as it is now home to a JSDF base and is off-limits to civilians without special permission.


Single ladies-if you're looking for a husband, this might be the perfect job for you! Think about it-you're stuck on an island (a tropical island by the way...) with nothing to do and surrounded by hundreds of lonely men...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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