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If I go home fatter than I had planned, I'm blaming mother nature. How can I run in this heat? Well, I can't. I'm all for giving something a try, but there are times, when you jut have to say, "Hmmm...maybe I should take the day off today." Running in 35C heat that, with the humidity, feels like 45C, probably counts as one of those times...ha ha! This humidity is going to bring a chance of showers with it. Back home, that's good news, because it always cools down after it rains. Not here. It's hot and humid. It rains. It becomes hot, humid, and wet...ha ha!

Normally I enjoy poking fun at those people who fancy themselves better than the great unwashed hordes (that means us)-usually politicians, outspoken critics and newscasters. And they give us plenty of opportunity with some of their comments...ha ha!

However, today is a funny story from a newscaster that I actually don't mind watching-Ichiro Furutachi. He's a newscaster on TV Asahi's Hodo Station. Sure, he wears a little too much make-up for my taste, but the fact that he used to be a pro-wrestler announcer and was the first announcer for the 'Sasuke' events (I'll explain about them in another blog) makes him less stodgy n my opinion than a lot of newscasters.

Anyway, he's very professional, but everybody makes mistakes...this one was quite funny...

The other night he was talking about the inclement weather in the Tokyo area, in which thunderstorms had knocked out power to a number of homes, obviously leaving residents unable to run their air conditioners. Even worse, the storms coincided with a this current heat wave, making conditions not just unpleasant but dangerous, as the threats of dehydration and heatstroke loomed.

In light of this, Furutachi offered the following advice.

“If you’re experiencing a lack of power, and you can’t use your air conditioner, you stand a real chance of being stricken with heat exhaustion. In order to cool yourself down just a bit, please use a senpuuki, or open the window to get some air circulating.”

In his delivery, Furutachi showed the genuine concern for his viewers one would expect of a consummate newsman, and most of his warning and recommendation is spot-on. There’s just one teensy little problem with his advice, which is the suggestion to use a senpuuki.

▼ Pictured: A senpuuki.

FS 2

Senpuuki is the Japanese word for, specifically, an electric fan. And while we agree that’s a great way to cool off, the fact that Furutachi was encouraging people to use them during a power outage presented a bit of a problem.

Furutachi continued along dauntlessly, but at the exact moment he says “senpuuki” at the video’s 20-second mark, co-host Ayaka Ogawa noticeably blinks in surprise. Gracefully, she limits her comment to, “Yes,” but as she turns to face her partner, we can see a bit of a crack in her professional demeanor. Sorry, I still haven't worked out how make YouTube videos play...but check it out, if you want to see for yourself...

FS 1

In Furutachi’s defense, it’s possible that he meant to say sensu, the Japanese word for a folding fan.

Sensu, not to be confused with sempuuki

FS 3

This is actually a common mistake for native English speakers to make, since we’re used to just calling both cooling tools “fans.” Could it be that Furutachi made the same mistake? Well, I doubt it, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt...I'm sure I've made more than a few slips of the tongue that would have made me look really dumb if they were shown on live tv....

Have a great day!

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