I won it, but I haven't got it...yet...

Good morning everyone,

Today should feel cooler-not because it'll actually be any cooler, but because it won't be as sunny. It'll get up to 33C and they are calling for a slight chance of passing thunder showers. Then Monday and Tuesday will see sunny weather again with highs around 32C or 33C.

Did you check out the YouTube video in yesterday's blog? It worked, but don't ask me how...I don't think I did anything differently! Ha ha! No promises that the next one will work! Ha ha!

Do you remember me mentioning that at my local pool-the one at Nishi Hiroshima Ward Sports Centre-there was a draw to predict the winner of the World Cup. At the time I made my prediction, only about 40 other people had submitted entries and in total about 130 people. What was amazing was that 12 people chose Germany (including me)! I thought for sure that I would have a 100% chance of winning if I chose Germany!

Anyway, they gave out 5 balls and 5 names were drawn from the 12 who had chosen Germany....and I was one of them! Woo hoo! Lucky for me, but I feel a little sorry for the 7 people who chose Germany but didn't get a ball! I never would have guessed that about 10% of the people would have chosen Germany...
signed ball
Anyway, I won an autographed Sanfrecce ball!

The one I won will be signed by Toshihiro Aoyama. Do you have any idea who he is? I didn't, so I Googled him to find out. He's a defensive midfielder and has been playing for Hiroshima for 10 years. He's not much of a goalscorer, but he's a good player-often wearing the captain's armband!
signed ball-toshihiro aoyama

However, I can't get the ball right away...I'm not sure why. Maybe they have to wait to ask the players to sign them or something. Anyway, I can't get it till Aug 7th (the day I leave for Canada) and have to pick it up by Aug 31st (luckily I'll be back on the 25th!)...just in time! 

Now, all I have to do is figure out what to do with an autographed soccer ball...ha ha! Any ideas?

Have a great day! 

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