Men-watch out for these guys!

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You can expect a mostly cloudy day'll still be hot, but hopefully the cloud cover will make it feel a bit cooler...there isn't much change in the forecast. There are currently two typhoons that I'm keeping my eye on, but one is moving fast and is headed for Korea by the looks of it and the other is moving really, really slow, so unless it speeds up dramatically, it doesn't look like it'll affect my flights out...whew!

Men, we all know that women cannot be trusted, but the problem is; who should we be most worried about? Well, here's my list of other guys in our women's lives that we should worry most about...and some tips on how to deal with him...


1. Her best guy friend

Can men and women be "just friends?" Well, it depends on who you ask-women are happy keeping their guy friends as just friends, but guys are usually sexually to their female friends...

The good news: The closeness of their relationship could be what keeps them from getting together sexually. No woman wants to date the one guy who knows all of her un-sexy secrets and problems.

Intercept him: Invite yourself along when the two of them hang out. Not only will you be able to gauge just how friendly their relationship actually is, but if he sees that you're a present, caring boyfriend, he'll be less likely to try to strike when she's in a vulnerable mood.

2. Her work husband

You don't see her lunch-and-gossip buddy as a threat, because he's on her level, and probably can't offer her as much as you can. But think again: Her work husband is actually more of a threat than her boss, precisely because he shares her position. The logic: Nothing encourages bonding like a crappy work situation, such as a tyrannical boss or an impossible project. "It's like war and they're in the trenches together, and this can cause them to bond in ways they normally wouldn't."

Intercept him: You don't have to join her company to bond with her. Instead, take a class together. Cooking is the traditional choice, but you can get creative and try speed-reading or yoga. "Research shows that doing new, novel things brings couples closer together,"

3. Your best friend

Luckily, your best friend is still the least-threatening person on this list because, well, he's on your side. (At least he should be.) But just because he's a saint doesn't mean he's not a threat. According to experts, he can seem like an attractive option because he's a lot like you, probably a lot like her, and he appears pristine because she doesn't know every intimate detail like she does about you.

Intercept him: If you're always talking up your buddy, you could end up making him look too attractive to her. You don't have to trash him--and you shouldn't--but just make sure she hears the funny stories about the stupid stuff he does along with the tales of his awesomeness.

4. Her personal trainer

Keep tabs on him for a couple of reasons: He's in great shape, and he recognize that she's in great shape and is making an effort to keep it up. One of the main reasons people have affairs is when someone else (other than their partner) makes them feel good about themselves.

Intercept him: Always give her a positive comment when she gets back from the gym, and make an effort to notice if she's making an effort. All she really wants is to feel like you're not taking her for granted.

5. Her boss

Not all women go for authority figures, but some do. You can thank evolution for her weakness toward older, worldly guys. Women are primed to seek out men with power, status, and resources. "It could be her boss, mentor, or even professor," says one doctor. "Even if women are the more 'evolved,' there may still be a vulnerability to men who seem powerful."

Intercept him: It's actually not that hard to fend off men with power, status, and resources. "Show her your creative, worldly side by taking her to museums, wine tastings, and other cultural events that show her you can be sophisticated." And you don't have to fall into a trust fund to one-up a guy with "resources." (re: money.) Instead, try taking her camping and showing off your outdoor survival skills.

Ahhh...women, they'll dump you for anyone that is more powerful than you, makes her feel good about herself, seems kind, seems safe...women cannot be trusted! Ha ha!

Of course I'm kidding, but the advice is pretty good actually. Men, you should be making more of an effort to compliment your partner about her good sides and to show her your good side as well. And try something new together-it might be fun!

Have you tried any of these things? Did they work?

Have a great day!

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