Good morning everyone,

You may be surprised to hear this, but the weather is looking like it might rain today (that's sarcasm-it's been raining for the past 5 days!) And it'll rain again tomorrow...and the next day...and the next day...and so on and so on...what the hell is up with this weather?! We've seen more rain in the past few days than we saw in all of rainy season! It's like Mother Nature got her seasons mixed up! Ha ha! And then we can expect a typhoon to hit Hiroshima on the 9th or 10th...or should I say YOU can expect a typhoon on the weekend, because I'll be back home in Canada! Ha ha!

I don't think I'm that squeamish-at least not about eating food and I'm less prudish than most North Americans about nudity. (Why are we (meaning Canadians and Americans) such squares when it comes to nudity? Europeans are much more open about their bodies...)

Anyway, even though I don't think I'm squeamish or prudish, there's one thing I did not used to be good at-talking about bodily functions (peeing or pooing) with my students.

When I was growing up, these kinds of things were never talked about other than in private or with our doctor if there was some kind of problem. Sometimes if I was constipated or had diarrhea and needed some medicine, I'd even go to a pharmacy in a different town to pick up whatever I needed...ha ha!

I don't even remember ever hearing my dad fart when I was a kid...do dads fart in front of their kids in Japan? And we're so priggish (same meaning as prudish) that we can't even imagine our mothers farting-ever! Ha ha!

But now I find myself in lessons with mothers, grandmothers, single woman and cute young girls listening to them talk about their bodily functions on a regular basis and it's taken me a long time, but I'm finally used to it. Although, I still don't think I could talk about those things in front of my girlfriend...ha ha! I wonder why that is...I mean, they're a fact of life, right? Everyone in the world goes to the toilet everyday and the average person farts around 15 times a day! But, for some reason, we don't want to imagine our future wife (or husband) farting...at least I don't ...hmmm....but I can make exceptions. (see below)
bodily function-fart on first date

I know. I know. I sound like a 12 year old. But seriously, that's how most North Americans feel about talking about bodily functions-of course parents talking about their child's poo or pee is perfectly normal-but otherwise that topic is off-limits, especially with people we hardly know!
bodily function-fart sign 

However, if you're now feeling worried about asking me how to say 'diarrhea' in English, don't be. I'm totally cool with it. The other day, one of the most beautiful women in my school, told me a long story about...well, stuff and it didn't gross me out at all. It didn't change my image of her even a little...maybe you can teach an old dog  new tricks, eh? Ha ha!
bodily functions-pee
Have a great day!

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