I survived...just barely...part 2

Good morning everyone,

It's going to rain all day today. In fact, it's quite heavy at the moment. I wonder what effect that will  have on today's memorial service...I've gone for the past 3 or 4 years but it was so hot and sunny each time. I've never seen it rain like this (apparently a lot of people haven't-it's been 41 years since it rained during the ceremony)...and it's looking like it'll rain tomorrow too. As of right now, the rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully it won't be raining when I leave...after that, it's going to rain again on Friday, Saturday...etc...actually, it's looking like a typhoon is heading for Hiroshima around the 9th or 10th...keep an eye on it! It looks big.

I'm a little sad because I'll miss the memorial service for the first time in 3 or 4 years...I passed through the park yesterday on my way to the health check centre and it was all abuzz with preparations for today and there were a ton of tour guides showing people around the park and explaining various statues and points of interest. I'm sorry that I'll miss the ceremony-it was such an important part of Japan's and the world's history. To live in Hiroshima and not go is definitely 'mottainai' in my mind.

Speaking of 'mottainai', everything I ate after my health check was 'mottainai', because it came flying out along with barium I took during the health check! Ha ha! (In case there are any Canadians reading my blog who have forgotten the meaning of 'mottainai', it basically translates as 'a waste of XXXX'. So, it was a waste of food because I probably didn't get any benefit from it! Ha ha!

This year, being my second time going through that hell. went far, far better. First of all, it was my second time, so it wasn't unknown-I knew what I was in for and had a chance to mentally prepare myself. The first part of the test went fine. I peed in a cup-I always wonder how much I should fill the cup; is it enough? oh...that's too much....ahhh...I'll just top it up...-why don't they put a line on it? It would save me a lot of stress! I can't even imagine how stressful it is for women-at least it's easy for men to aim! Ha ha!

Then I did my eye test and I can't remember what the numbers were, but I was surprised at how low the scores were. I'll wait and see what the report says, but I might get them checked while I'm back home (I don't trust that clinic's machine...ha ha!).

After that, I met with the doctor and we chatted for a few minutes-she said my blood pressure was a little low-still in the healthy range, but lowish. Actually, I was worried that it was going to be high, because I've been stressing about my trip and stuff, but she said because I've lost a kilogram or two in the past week, it could affect my blood pressure. No problem-I'll gain all that weight back the first couple of days I'm home! Ha ha!

Then it was time for the 'barium swallow'...it went way better this time. There were 3 reasons-one, I knew what to expect; two, I told the staff ahead of time that it would be easier if she used simple Japanese instead of really polite Japanese (and she did); which comes to my main reason-the staff were much better! They explained things better-the one who gave me the barium warned me that I'd have diarrhea (last year they didn't) and they were so helpful and patient-like we expect nurses to be. Last year's radiologist was having a bad day I guess...she wasn't helpful at all! Yesterday was way better! But I still wonder if I'll do it again next year...is it necessary to do every year? It wasted a whole day...if I was getting paid for it, it'd be fine...ha ha!

Now...one more day of work till I'm off...for those of you who have lessons today...I'm sorry...my mind has already gone to Canada! Ha ha! Don't ask me any difficult grammar questions!

Have a great day!

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