I'm leaving on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday's weather was better than I expected. The sun even ended up poking its head out at one point in the day...today will be cloudy all day and then tomorrow you'll start to see the effects of the approaching typhoon. It's still a bit too early to say for certain, but this one looks like it's headed for Hiroshima. You'd better keep an eye on this one. Temperatures all week will continue to hover in the high 20s to the low 30s.

I'm off to Canada this morning!
toy plane

This year, for the first time, I'll be flying to Toronto out of Haneda Airport. Now that I think about it, it's unbelievable that I've never been to Haneda ever before! Anyway, I'm a little bit excited about getting a chance to see what the airport looks like. I've heard it isn't that big, so I'm not expecting much, but anything would be better than Narita! It's so boring! Ha ha!

I checked out my suitcase last night and it weighs about 20kg! It's heavy! The limit for luggage on an International Air Canada flight is 23kg, so it's cutting it a bit close. I swear that 80% of the weight is souvenirs for everybody back home...the good news is that I'll have a ton of space for shopping! The bad news is that because my ticket was so expensive, I don't have any money left over to do any shopping...ha ha!

Even though the weather is nice this morning, I've decided to take a taxi to the bus centre. Partially because my bag is a bit big to lug around and partially because I don't want to take it on the bus or streetcar during rush hour and bother the other passengers...OMG! I'm becoming Japanese! Ha ha! No, not really. Actually, I had to do it once while I was living in Tokyo and was so traumatized that I vowed to never, ever, EVER do it again. It was so stressful! I almost turned back to my apartment and gave up before I even left Japan! Ha ha!

So, the main reason I'm taking a cab is that I don't want to start my holiday on a stressful note...that's also why I'm giving myself a bit of extra time at both Hiroshima and Haneda Airports-I know it'll mean a bit of sitting around at airports, but I don't mind it so much...I might feel differently by the time I get to Toronto...ha ha! I'm sure I'll have a story or two to tell about something that happened during the journey home...

Anyway, I'd better hop in the shower and get some breakfast into me before I set off...

Have a great day!

PS The title is taken from a song-don't worry it's not true. I know I'll be back on Aug 25th...ha ha!

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