I made it!

 Good morning everyone,

What's the weather like back in Japan? I guess you've got a typhon coming, eh? It looks like this one is going to pass really close to Hiroshima, so be careful!

The weather here is a bit cooler than a typical summer according to my friends-luckily I brought a warmish sweater...the days are going to be warm, it was about 25C when I landed but we went out for a beer and dinner and by the time we got home, it was a bit cool.

Sorry, there won't be many pictures or beautiful fonts for the next couple of weeks. I'm using my iPad-isn't technology great! It's not as easy as my laptop, but lugging that big thing around for two weeks last time almost killed me! Ha ha! In fact, that's the only reason I bought this thing! I never use it except for when I go on holiday. So, it's just for all of you guys that I bought it! Ha ha!

My journey here was fantastic! From the taxi driver to Hiroshima Bus Center all the way to my friend picking me up at Pearson Airportt! Everything went so smoothly, I'm glad I gave myself a few extra hours to find my away, so there was absolutely no stress during any part of my journey. The next time I fly through Haneda, I won't give myself that much extra time, but the first time was nice to have. I didn't see the Edo Town section, I wasn't that worried about seeing it, to be honest. When I fly back to Japan, I'll have a couple of hours to check it out (assuming my flight isn't late).

As for the flight, the airplane was packed-actually the bus to Hiroshima Airport, the flight to Haneda and the flight to Toronto were all full! But the 787  Dreamliner was everything I hoped it would be! The seats were comfortable and there was about 10cm between my knees and the seat in front of me! There were tons of things to do to kill time too! The only time I read my book was when I was waiting at the airport waiting for my connecting flight! I'm glad I didn't carry any extra books! 

The umeshu made it safe and sound and the customs guy didn't even check my luggage-I could have brought more! Actually, there's no way! My bag would have weighed a tonne!

So, I'm safe and sound here in Toronto! I'll let you know how my visit is going tomorrow! For now, it's time to go for a run!

Have a great day!

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