Jays Game

 Good morning everyone,

The weather here was so nice in the day-it got up to around 26C or so...the morning was cool, so i was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt and I was a bit too hot. I'm guessing that you're feeling the effects of the typhoon at the moment...I hope everyone is ok! As usual, it looks like Shikoku is taking the brunt of the storm...sorry and thank you to all the Shikokuans...

Yesterday I went for a run in the nearby park and it reminded me of how big Toronto is, and how close to nature we are compared to back in Hiroshima. 

The park is about 1km from my friend's house,which is on Yonge Street-the longest street in the world!-and just 1km from there I found a park and ran around it and while I was running through the park and saw dozens of squirrels, a couple of rabbits, a deer, and a few raccoons!  All in the middle of Canada's biggest city!  Imagine seeing those types of animals in Tokyo...I highly doubt it!

The day was pretty uneventful-we hung out on my friend's patio and played cards with his kids, did a little shopping (just window shopping for me) and had a nap.

In the evening we headed to  a Jay's game. I got to see Munenori Kawasaki play-our 3rd baseman is out injured...again. Anyway, we were playing against tthe Tigers, who are the best team in the West division and were winning 4-2 till the 9th inning when they hit back-to-back homeruns and won the game!  Our closer is usually very good-it was the first time he had given up back-to-back homeruns in 8 years!  So, we were a bit unlucky...but it was still exciting!  And the beers were so expensive! It was $10 for a tall-boy (the 500mL cans) I guess that's similar to a Carp game when you think about it...

But it was a long game!  I didn't get home till about 11:30!

Today, I'll go for a run, pick up a phone, go on a brewery tour and then head north to see the parents...hopefully, I'll remember to take some pictures...I haven't taken even one so far!  Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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