Summer day

 Good morning everyone,

The weather here was awesome yesterday-it was around 28C and dry, and the best news is that it's going to be the same again today! The bad news is that it's going to be cool and rainy tomorrow and the next, the weather isn't always perfect in Canada...somehow I had this image that it was...ha ha!

I'm sorry but today's blog will be a short one-for two reasons; one, because some idiot (meaning me) left the keyboard turned on all day and the battery died and it takes forever to write using the touchscreen! I can't believe that some people actually work on this thing all day everyday. It will kill me to write this slow...haha! 

And the second reason is that I just finished reading one of the best books I've ever read...can I say in my life? I'm not sure, but in a long, long, LONG time. It's called "The Fault in Our Stars"...I couldn't put it down!

I won't ruin it for you, but it may be the saddest and happiest book I've ever read at the same time...I wouldn't recommend reading it in English...try it in Japamese first, it's not a simple read...

Now that I've recovered from reading that book, we are going to head to the lake and go out on the boat and do some fishing...maybe...but we will definitely look for the loons...if you've never heard the loons singing on a lake, you're missing a beautiful "On Golden Pond" and you'll understand 10% of what it feels like to actually hear them live...

Have a great day!

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