Overeating...it's not just my mom's fault...

 Good morning everyone,

I'm not sure what the weather is like in Japan, but here in Ontario, it's downright chilly. Today's high is expected to be only around 21C!  Now, I know that Canada is cooler than Japan, but come on!  That's not summer weather!  I'd like it to be around 25C or 28C...

I went for a run yesterday, and thank God i did! It was a great place to go for a run actually, there used to be a set of railway tracks that went through the area, but they were no longer being used. so the government tore them out and that area became a trail. Can you imagine a more perfect place for a walking/cycling/running/dog-walking trail than an old abandoned railway track?  I can't. It's just wide enough, it's flat, it runs through the middle of the country, there are no cars and no traffic lights! It's awesome!  I went for a 10km run down it yesterday and I could have gone farther...

Actually, knowing what I know now, I should have gone further...ha ha!

For lunch, we met one of my relatives and went to an all-you-can buffet. I've never seen so much meat and deep-fried food in one place in years!  It was like a your heart and colon's worst nightmare!  Ha ha! I'm not complaining of course, it was good and some of it was great! And it was cheap-well, cheap for everyone but me-they were all seniors, so they got half off!  Half!!  And they all ate more than I did!  Ha ha! 

After that, we visited some other relatives, my aunt is from Poland and she is a great cook, but she cooks like my mother-she still thinks we're all working on the farm and need a lot of energy, meanwhile I'm a desk jockey and everyone else is retired!  The food was great, but it just kept coming...and coming...and coming...I  swear I ate more food yesterday than I usually do in a  week!  I need to go for a run today, but it's not looking too nice outside...

I already told my mom-nothing big for lunch or dinner today!  I could probably fast all day today and still be full tomorrow!  

Seriously though, it was great to catch up with my relatives...I sometimes forget they're getting older, that we're all getting older...I'll never begrudge visiting them,  even if it means having to put on a kilogram or two...or three...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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