Running around town...

 Good morning everyone,

Well, we didn't have good weather yesterday-it was cool!  But at least it wasn't raining!  Ha ha!  I'm glad I decided to throw a couple of long-sleeve shirts in my bag in the end because it's supposed to be cool today too...luckily, they are calling for it to warm up on the weekend!  It'd better or else Mother Nature will be in big trouble with me!  Ha ha!

Because of the crappy weather, we didn't bother going out to the lake. It would've been even colder out there!  And the last thing I want to do is sit and shiver on a boat in the middle of a lake in summer!  So, we decided to run around town and pick up a few things I always get when I'm home-mostly toiletries and stuff like toothpaste and deodorant. Also, my laptop at work is still running Windows Vista and it's slower than molasses in January!  So, I need to upgrade the OS to Windows 7. Besides that, Vista can't handle any more upgrades of Explorer (that's the website browser that 90% of us use...I think it's up to version 11 now, but Vista can only run up to version 9). I don't want to get Windows 8.1, because my computer isn't a touch screen and I can't get Windows 7 in Japan (the English version anyway). 

And that's about it.  My mother had to do some running around town I let her...even though it's my holiday!  And I cooked dinner too!  What's going on here?!  I'm on holiday!  I shouldn't have to do any cooking!!  Ha ha!

We ate much more sensibly yesterday-I had fruit for breakfast, a tomato sandwich for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner with potatoes and corn on the cob.While I do like the taste of soy that Japanese put on their corn, I have to say that our corn is much, much sweeter (that could be because I only buy cobs of corn at festivals in Japan where the quality level probably isn't very high!  Ha ha!)

Today, we'll visit one more relative and then head to the lake for the next two or three days. The weather is supposed to be nicer...I hope so! 

I still have taken zero, zip. zilch, nada pictures, so I hope that nobody is expecting a big photo show when I get back to Japan...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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