Trip down memory lane

 Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was the worst weather I've had so far on my holiday. I hope that is as bad as it was cool and it rained off and on all day! I seriously never once went outside. Today is supposed to be better. In fact, I can already see it looking brighter than it did all day yesterday!

i have to say that I love sleeping out here at the lake-it's so quiet! The only thing I can hear is the odd bird chirping and other than that-nothing...silence is golden!

Last night, my mom's best friend and her husband came by for a visit. It was so great to hear them reminisce about their younger days. I promised my mom that her childhood misdemeanors (not in the legal sense) would be secret, so I can't tell you what they talked about, but suffice to say that I now understand why she was so calm as a mother when she had a bunch of teenagers running around...ha ha!

They stayed over, so I imagine the trip down memory lane will continue today after I'm gone...this is the day I head back to Toronto. Of course I'll be back to visit my folks again before I head back to sweaty, noisy, humid Japan...but for the next few days I plan on going to the CNE, a winery, and the A & F store...although they don't appear to have much of a sale on...I may have to re-evaluate my shopping list..ha ha!

Unbelievably, we have internet here-this place isn't like 'roughing it' at all. They have internet, satellite tv, a microwave, a gas BBQ...this place is nicer than my apartment! I could live here! Ha ha! And it's big enough for 4 or 5 people to stay! Hmmm...I wonder how much rent my mother would charge me...just kidding!

I'm off for a quick swim and I might go fishing this morning before I head back to Toronto this afternoon.

Have a great day!

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