What do you think I should do?

 Good morning everyone,

Well, it's back to nice sunny weather! Of course...because I left the lake...it was cold and rainy and generally miserable while I was at the lake, but now that I'm in Toronto, where the weather doesn't really matter, it's sunny again. Stupid Mother Nature...ha ha! Actually, I've been checking the weather in Hiroshima and it seems like it isn't as hot there as usual, is it? Although, in Hiroshima, a little cooler is a good thing, not here in Toronto. We don't have the humidity, so we want it to stay warm as long as possible.

This time around, I stayed at my parents' place in the boonies for about a week and it was really relaxing. We didn't really do any shopping or eating out. Just hanging with the 'old folks'...ha ha! It was a glimpse of what retired life will be like, I guess. It doesn't seem too bad, I guess-so long as I'm healthy AND so long as I somehow make enough money between now and retirement to enjoy that life...ha ha!

Anyway, my friend has picked me up at the airport, let me stay at his place, driven me to and picked me up from my parents' house and will lend me his car later this week to drive up to their house again! How nice is that?! I have the most amazing friends!

Which leads me to the million dollar question (this means an important question that no one really knows the answer to)...what do you think I should do? I brought some umeshu from Japan, I gave his kids some souvenirs and I even brought a t-shirt for him from Uniqlo...which are all nice gifts, but it doesn't seem like hardly enough to show my appreciation for everything he has done for me and, does for me every time I come home!

I thought about getting him one of those capsule cup coffee makers, you know, like the one Nescafe makes-the Dolce Gusto...anyway, he and his wife drink one or two cups of coffee every morning, but they always go out to buy it, they never make coffee at home. I thought it would make a great gift, but I don't want it to end up being something he has to drag out of storage every time I visit, just so it looks like they use it...ha ha! And coffee makers are a tricky gift, people have to want them for them to be a good gift...on top of that, he insists that I don't need to get them anything...the other thing is, I can just wait till he comes to visit me in Japan and take really good care of him while he's there...

Any ideas?

Have a great day!

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