Going to the beach...sort of...

 Good morning everyone,

It's looking like another nice day here with sunny skies and a high of around 27C. Last night my brother came over with his girlfriend (technically his common-law wife) and everyone was saying what a terrible summer it has been. Actually, next week, they are calling for highs some days in the 30s here in Canada...

Yesterday we decded to take a drive to see Sauble Beach. Sauble Beach is one of the longest beaches in Canada (in fact it's the 2nd longest freshwater beach in the world). However, the downtown beach area is relatively untouched making it very quiet even during the summer. If you're looking for a touristy spot to hang out and buy some good souvenirs, DON'T go to Sauble Beach. The fact that it's so undeveloped is one of the main attractions. If you're looking for a cool beach to hang out and be seen, you should head to Wasaga Beach-it's only a 45 minute drive from Toronto, so it's really crowded on the weekends.

Unfortunately, while we were there the wind was blowing just the wrong way, making it feel a lot cooler than it actually was. And because there isn't anything else to, there was no reason to stick around. I suggested going to a cafe, but my parents are not 'cafe drinkers', they prefer Tim Hortons's (like almost every other Canadian). So, we grabbed a couple of coffees, some timbits and headed to Southampton (it's a small beach near Sauble). It was really foggy so we couldn't see the lighthouse...we gave up and headed back to the lake. We hung out at the lake, took a spin in my dad's boat and just chilled...it was great! 

Afterwards, everyone said we would have been better off going to the lake right from the beginning and forgetting about Sauble...oh well, it was still nice and hindsight is 20/20, eh?

Have a great day!

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