Canadian dinner!

 Good morning everyone,

We had another great day of weather yesterday! And it's looking like it'll get warmer and warmer this week...I guess the kids will be happy! I, on the other hand, will not be so happy..."Why not?", you ask. Well, because I'll be back in Hiroshima...and at work! (imagine me crying...ha ha!). 

Last night I went to a friend's house for dinner and it was so amazing! I sometimes think I'm a good cook, till I head to his place. First of all, we had sliders as an appetizer. What's a 'slider'? Well, it's like a mini-hamburger and they were really popular about 5 or 6 years ago. Every time I come home for a visit, I kept meaning to try them, but for some reason I never did. Till yesterday! They were great! So, what makes them better than a normal hamburger? For me, three things; one, they're smaller so I can eat as little or as much as I like; two, because you usually get three in one order, you can try three different tastes instead of having just one; and three, because they're small, they can be completely cooked without getting dry!

Everything was homemade! From the dressings for the two salads-one was squash with red onions and a creamy cumin dressing and the other was celery with hazelnuts and a red wine vinegar dressing-to the cookies and ice cream we had for dessert (yes, he made homemade cookies and burnt marshmallow ice cream!!). But the piece de resistance was the lobster! He threw some lobster in a pot, boiled it and then we dipped it in a lime/butter sauce. It was so amazing!

So, no... I didn't eat burgers everyday...just almost every day! Ha ha!

I'm off to the airport..wish me a safe flight!

Have a good day!

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You look like having had great holidays in Canada, Jerry. The disaster in Hiroshima made us really sad and worry,but I'm OK, anyway !!
I wish you a safe and cozy flight. See you soon !