Marathon journey...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it didn't take long for me to get tired of the humidity...I've been back in Japan about 12 hours and I'm already sick of it! Ha ha! And, this being August, there's no real end in sight. It's going to continue for the foreseeable future. The good news is that there is dry weather in the forecast after today, so that will hopefully help the victims of the disaster get some semblance of normalcy back in their lives.

That was a long journey, of course it always is, I don't think anyone could ever get used to that! But, I have to be honest, the trip back to Japan seemed shorter than the one home...don't ask me why...probably because I was more excited to go home, so it felt longer! Ha ha!

As usual, I saw a lot of interesting characters on the journey. I was hoping that the flight back wouldn't be too crowded, but it was as packed as the one flying to Canada. I guess I'll have to get used to that if I want to flight out of Haneda in the future, because it's a million times more convenient that Narita!

My friend drove me to the airport and then I sat and had a coffee with my parents before going through immigration and the security check. There were four cops sitting at Starbucks having a coffee and it looked strange to me, because I've never seen a Japanese police officer in uniform having a coffee. In Canada, police officers sometimes get free coffee from Tim Horton's, but they pay at other stores. I don't mind that they get free coffee, it was just weird to see them 'taking a break' in such a public place.

Then I saw a guy who was wearing a dress shirt with a nice light brown jacket and...cargo shorts and running shoes with tube looked like his wife helped him get dressed at first and then got distracted and he finished off by himself...ha ha! It was a very interesting style....I might wear that to work in the future...ha ha!

But the most interesting guy was some Canadian (I'm so embarrassed to admit that he is Canadian) guy on the plane with his Japanese wife and their two sons-who were probably around 8 and 9, I guess. He wasn't such a bad father so much, it's not like he shouted at them or hit them or was just like he was kind of cold to his family. Whenever one of his sons asked him a  question, he was just say, "You should try and sleep" and when they acted up he just told his wife to take care of them. But the worst part was when his wife was in the toilet, so he had to take his son to the toilet. He put him in and shut the door, the kid freaked out of course! It's like a closet if you've never been in one and it's dark and small and strange and he panicked. He was screaming and crying and guess what the father did...he laughed at him and told him he was acting like a baby. I was amazed that anyone could be that insensitive! Not exactly a good childhood memory of your father, is it? Poor kid...I felt so sorry for him...

How about you? Was your father one of those cold, distant fathers who were just some scary that came home every night? Or was he more involved in the family?

Have a great day!

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