You are getting sleepy...very sleepy...

Good morning everyone,

Well, so much for the 'sunny' weather that they had forecast...we got a splash of rain yesterday and they are calling for a chance of getting some more this morning as well. It should stop raining this afternoon, but they aren't even calling for sunny skies...just clouds and more clouds. It looks like our best chance to see 'old Sol' might not be till Sunday...

I had to do a 'shucho lesson' yesterday (a lesson at a location other than my school) and when I was on my way to the class, I noticed that they have put in funky doors and a new sign at the old cinema in Tokyu Hands. Yep, that's right! You heard it here first! The cinema at Tokyu Hands is re-opening. Don't ask me about when it's gonna' open, I was moving pretty fast because I didn't have much time, so I couldn't get a good look. I'm not sure if there are any signs saying when it's going to open or what kind of movies they are going to have.

I wonder if it'll be more artsy movies. I know. I know. You all think I just like action movies with non-stop explosions, but that's not true. I just want to be entertained. I'm not really into movies that 'make you think'. I prefer books that make me think and movies that entertain my eyes-witty dialogue, cool characters (but not one-dimensional ones), some gratuitous violence and nudity and I'm happy! Ha ha!

That's two nights in a row now where I haven't had a good sleep. It's the first time it's happened to me after getting back from Canada. I hope it doesn't continue for too much longer...I was really dragging my butt by the end of the day yesterday. Well, Wednesday is my toughest day...Saturday is busy as well, but Wednesday is so long-I've got lessons from 9am till 9pm with only one break...I'm usually tired by the end of the day at the best of times, but running on only a few hours sleep makes it that much worse. I was trying everything...caffeine, sugar, water...anything to keep me awake...I might need to keep one or two of those energy drinks on hand today to make it through the day...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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