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Good morning everyone,

Did any of you get caught in that spatter of rain yesterday morning? I did...a little, when I was out running errands. This summer is really strange, isn't it? It was back home too. It's like the year with no summer in both Hiroshima and, they are calling for pretty good weather today and a chance of rain on both Sunday and Monday before we see the nice weather return on Tuesday...

When I was home, I noticed that my parents and my friend both had what looked like a squeegee in their bathrooms...
What the heck do you need that for? 

Well, apparently it's quite the trend now back home. When you finish showering or bathing, you give the walls a quick wipe with your squeegee and it makes the weekly cleaning go a thousand times better. Always being one to give new things a try (especially when the only risk is a $1 investment-you can buy the squeegees at the "Dollar Store" back home-it's the equivalent of a 100 Yen store here).

So, I threw it in my suitcase-there was tonnes of room, because I didn't get any A&F shirts this time-(me crying!) Ha ha!

I was a bit beat the first couple of days, but Wednesday morning I gave it a shot and I have to say that it's well worth the price! My shower looks spotless even after 4 showers. Obviously, you scrape away the soap scum and water so there's no place for the mold to grow, keeping your shower cleaner for longer. Of course, I'll still clean it on Tuesday, but I'm expecting it to go way faster!

Give it a try, you won't regret it. The only hard part will be making sure you are the last person to use the bath/shower before bed, otherwise it won't make any difference...

Have a great day!

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Great!! I want one for our moldy bathroom. But the problem is that the last person to use bath is not me but my (lazy) son, umm...

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