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Did you get caught in the pouring rain yesterday? I did! Luckily, I was prepared (like a good boy scout), so it was no problem. Today is supposed to fine and then cloudy tomorrow before we see sunny weather from Sunday till the end of the week! I hope so! My tan is starting to fade! Ha ha!

I was chatting with a student the other day and discovered that home schooling isn't really an option in Japan. I'm not sure about the legality of it-according to one person I spoke to, it's not legal to homeschool in Japan, but I don't have any official information. I couldn't find anything, which probably means it isn't really an option. I heard that there are some alternatives to regular schools for students who have been bullied or don't want to attend regular schools for whatever reason.

In Canada and America, between 2%-3% of students are home schooled.
It's a bit difficult to explain. Students cannot do ALL of their studying in the home, there are certain tests, exams, etc. that must be done at a school (a regular school or a special one), but basically they do all of their studying with their parents as the teacher.

When I was growing up, these were just coming into vogue...I didn't know anyone who actually did home schooling. Statistics have shown that children who are homeschooled often do better on tests and exams than students who go to regular schools.

Of course, there are critics who say that the students miss out on a lot of extra-curricular things that regular school students experience.

I don't know about you, but I think I'd want my kid to go to a regular school. Yeah, it can suck sometimes, but I think that's part of learning that life isn't always easy and you can't always get what you want-if you are in a classroom, you have to compromise in order to get along with everybody else, right?

If you are studying at home by yourself, you get one-on-one teaching, so it's natural that you'll get higher scores, but can you work well with others?

What do you think? Is home schooling an option you would consider for your kids?

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