No complaining about the weather..

Good morning everyone,

Two nights ago, it was warm so I opened the windows to keep my room cool-it was so nice! Last night I tried the same thing and it was too cold! I had to get up and shut them in the middle of the night! ha ha! Today may not be as sunny as it has been, but they aren't calling for any rain. Highs all week will be in the high 20s and they are calling for a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday...

It is getting cool faster this year, isn't it? I swear that last year I was still wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts on my way to and from work well into October...or even November. That is not gonna' happen this year! It's already cool in the mornings when I head to work and it's not even the middle of September yet!

However, at least we aren't getting this...
That is a picture of a real snowflake, by the way...
That's right! A couple of days ago this was Calgary...
snow calgary
Can you believe it? A snowstorm in early September?! Even in Calgary (which is, on average colder than Toronto) it's a bit of a shocker! To be honest, Calgary is cold and windy, but they don't get that much snow anytime of the year.

This year's exceptionally early snowfall caught more than a few people by surprise. Trees fell. Roads were closed. Power was out. But nobody died and nobody was injured (at least officially-I guess there may have been a few people who slipped and fell). And that is the extent of our 'natural disasters'. They cause a lot of inconvenience, but if people are careful and sensible and respect Mother Nature (which we do in Canada!) then you are usually ok...

Oh, by the weather in Calgary for this weekend? Sunny and 19C. Still cool by Hiroshima standards, but pretty comfortable if you want to go outside and play a round of golf or something...

This weekend in Hirsohima will be sunny and warm with highs of around 28C, so I'm torn about what to wear to Oktoberfest...I'm sure I could find a costume if I really wanted to, but it sounds like a waste of money to me...I'm sure when I get there, short sleeves will be plenty but I'm wondering if it might be a bit cool by the time I'm heading home. Sitting around drinking beer and eating sausages sounds like a lot of fun, but it's no way to keep warm! I'm planning on joining the singing, but I'm sorry...there's no chance I'll be joining the line dance they sometimes do...not because I'm embarrassed or anything...but for two other reasons. One, because I did that kind of stuff in elementary school and more importantly, it means leaving my beer behind! That is NOT going to happen! ha ha!

Have a great day!

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