Good morning everyone,

Yesterday turned out to be nicer than they had forecast. I wore a long-sleeve shirt, but I was actually a bit too hot. I could have got away with shorts and a t-shirt yesterday. And I think I'll be able to do the same today and tomorrow. Then, from Thursday, they are calling for cloudy skies and slightly cooler by the weekend. Highs till Thursday will be between 27C and 30C and the end of the week around 25C.

We headed to the home of the old baseball stadium across from Peace Park for some beer, sausages and dancing and had a great time!

So, I'll be the first to admit that I didn't do any dancing, but a lot of people did and it looked fun. I can't believe how full of energy the performers are! They all look like they are in their 60s, but they were up on the stage dancing around and entertaining the crowd. They were great!
beer oktoberfest

And the beer was good too! Of course it was insanely overpriced-I ended up having 3 and luckily we had those 100 yen coupons, so I can say that I didn't spend 3000 yen...I only spend 2700 yen! Ha ha! There were so many kinds of beer that I wanted to try, but for two reasons I decided to stick with the same beer. Yeah, it was one of the cheaper ones, but that wasn't the main reason. In my life, I've had the opportunity to try so many kinds of beer. It's hard to explain to Japanese people. When we go to bar or restaurant in Japan, there is usually only one kind of beer available. The shop basically serves only one brand of beer-it would be like a bar back home selling only Molson Canadian. I can't imagine any bar lasting very long back home if they did that. Even the smallest bars have at least 3 or 4 different kinds of beer on tap and a large bar will have over 20 or 30, they often have a special menu just for draught beer!
beer taps

So, trying a lot of different kinds of beer at one time isn't that novel (meaning 'new') for me and paying through the nose to risk getting a beer I might not like seemed too risky...that's why I decided to stick with the same beer.

After we listened to the first set (when we go to festivals, bands will usually play for 30 minutes or so and then take a break-those times are split into 'sets'), after the first set a lot of people left...not from our group, but just in general and I was making fun (in my head of course) of how predictable Hiroshimans are. It was a Monday afternoon of a long weekend and around 4pm everyone heads home. It's like clockwork...and it was the same at Oktoberfest....

However, I did the same thing less than an hour later! Ha ha! I'm becoming a real Hiroshiman! To be honest, I was beat! Then I had 3 glasses of beer and way too much sausage! At that point I had two choices-either keep drinking and make a night out of it or stop drinking and head home for a nap...I chose the nap! I probably would have stayed if I wasn't dropping a 1000yen note on every beer...ha ha! But going home was definitely the right call for me-I had a small vegie stifry (with no rice) around 8:30 and then hit the hay! And I'm rarin' to go today!

First up-a short run (40 minutes) then take out the garbage, go grocery shopping, go for a swim, watch a movie and have lunch and be back home by 2:30! Then it's laundry and nap time! Ha ha! (You think I'm joking?! Nope! That's pretty much exactly how my morning/early afternoon will look like.) I'll let you know how the movie was tomorrow...

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday! I had a great time! I left early because I was bagged! Well, that and I didn't want to hear the 'Birdie Song' again...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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