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Good morning everyone,

Well, that was another gorgeous day, wasn't it? This whole week isn't looking too bad actually. This weekend is looking a little cloudy and cooler with highs of only 25C or 26C, but other than Saturday and Sunday, it'll be mostly sunny skies and highs around 28C for the next 6 or 7 days. Nice!

It'll be perfect weather to walk around in my new shoes...
hidden camera maybe I don't a pair of these shoes and it's absolutely shocking that anyone would want to take secret pictures up women's skirts. I realize that there are all kinds of people out there who are interested in all kinds of different things...otherwise the world would be a really boring place. However, taking pictures of someone unknowingly...that's not sexy.

Call me crazy, but a person trying to be sexy (whether they succeed or not) is way sexier than looking at someone who is physically attractive but doesn't know they are being looked at...that's not sexy. It's just weird.

So, the Kyoto police are taking the unusual step of tracking down buyers of these sneaker cameras to ask them to voluntarily turn them in. While I absolutely, 100% agree with the thought, I have to say that it is a serious invasion of privacy. Owning shoes with a built-in camera isn't illegal, so the police shouldn't be allowed to track the buyers down at all. I think it's shocking that they are doing so.

The fact that they own those shoes is irrelevant (as creepy as it is). I mean...what if suddenly the police wanted to track down everyone who ever bought other stuff online like...I don't's bras? Or a vibrator? There's nothing wrong with having these things, but it might be pretty embarrassing if the police suddenly knocked on your door and asked your husband or wife where the bra or vibrator was and they knew nothing about it...ha ha!

I think the police need to respect those people's privacy. If I were the police, I'd probably tail them and hopefully catch them in the act trying to take pictures and then chuck them in jail. But until they actually break a law, going to their house is basically a form of harassment...

What do you think? Even though they're obviously creepy, don't they deserve rights? Just because we don't like what they MIGHT do, doesn't mean we can harass them? Or does it?

Have a great day! 

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