National holidays suck! (on Tuesdays anyway...)

Good morning everyone,

There's no real change in the forecast-today and tomorrow will be sunny and nice and they are still calling for rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Then the weather is expected to clear up for the weekend. The rain on Wednesday and Thursday are connected to the tropical storm that is now headed our way (again) but it is no longer that strong...I guess we'll find out in a couple of days...

Tomorrow is a national holiday-I hate when national holidays fall on my regular day off. I can't do anything I'd normally do because everywhere is either packed (malls), closed (banks and government offices) or on different schedules (pools and public gyms). Usually I get up as early as possible and get my grocery shopping done and then hide in my house for the whole day! ha ha!

Actually, I was planning to tidy up my apartment in preparation for the arrival of my friend-it's so exciting! (that's being sarcastic...) Luckily though, I was invited to a bbq in Kabe! Do you remember I mentioned that I went there in the spring? Anyway, a friend of a friend has a second home in Kabe and they've invited me to join them for a bbq!

It's way better than cleaning my room! Ha ha!

But last time I went there, I took quiche and they are asking me to take it again...but I don't really have time to make it. What should I do? Should I stay up late tonight making quiche? Should I just say, "Sorry, but I don't have time" and then promise to make it for next time? Should I make something else? After all, I'm not a one-trick pony! There are lots of things I can make! Especially on the bbq! I'm the bbq master! I could swing by Costco and pick up a really nice steak or two...or buy that tiramisu or just bring lots and lots of alcohol! 

I don't's been so long since I've been a 'guest' at a bbq that I forget what the etiquette is in Japan. In Canada, we don't bring anything to a bbq...except maybe some beer...the host usually has a plan...that's why I always tell people not to bring stuff-because it throws my plan out of whack. But they still do...ha ha!

So, do I take stuff and throw his plan out of whack? Or I take nothing and look like a bad guest?

Have a great day!

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