I can think of a special place for him!

Good morning everyone,

So, it rained last night? Did you notice? I was soaked within 30 seconds of leaving my school...well, I would have been if I wasn't such a good boy scout (I was prepared for the rain). The rain should stop early today, if it hasn't already by the time you're reading this. Then it'll be mostly cloudy and clear up in time for tomorrow and the weekend. Monday and Tuesday should be sunny with cloudy periods and then after that...who knows? Not me!

I guess we all knew in our hearts that the girl who had been missing in Kobe since September 11th wasn't going to be found alive and well. Of course we all wished it could have been true...however, our worst fears were confirmed yesterday morning when the poor wee thing was found on a hillside just 100m from her home (how the police didn't find her body the first time is a mystery best left for another blog...but suffice it to say that I'm blaming laziness or incompetence, either of which should leave them feeling pretty embarrassed).

My heart goes out to the family. I have no children so I can even begin to imagine the horror you have been going through over the past two weeks. I'm sorry that the story has ended in tragedy.

And shortly after finding the body, they arrested a 47-year old unemployed man who lived nearby. Now, either this guy is really, really stupid; or wanted to get caught; or is being framed...his health card was found wrapped in the bag with the body of the victim.

If he's guilty, then I say that we should reserve a special place in hell for him. I've said it before and I'll say it again-people who take advantage of those weaker than them...like the very young, very old or that blind guy whose seeing-eye dog was stabbed while he walked to work-the people who do should be punished more severely. If some guy attackes me, at least I have a fighting chance, but attacking the elderly, the disabled, or the young makes you the lowest of the low. I'm from Canada and we don't have capital punishment (and I'm ok with that), but I don't think someone as sick as him should ever, ever, EVER see the outside of a jail cell (or insane asylum) again!

Off with his head!

Have a great day! Oh...except you-Yasuhiro Kimino. I hope you rot in hell! (If it was you that did it...)

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