Over 1000...that sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was actually a bit hot, wasn't it? Again-no complaints from me! It's better than Nagoya (their subway was flooded earlier this week). And the warm sunny weather is going to continue for the foreseeable future-the coolest weather we'll see this week is a high of 26C on Wednesday.

I was skimming through the newspaper the other and saw that there are over 1000 cases of unidentified bodies every year (technically this was the first year to go over 1000, but it's always around that number). One thousand people die every year in Tokyo that aren't identified?! Doesn't that seem high to you?

I checked and in Canada-the whole country of Canada-(which has a comparable population to Tokyo) has fewer than 1000 despite the fact that our population is more mobile (we move more-a LOT more) and more spread out.

I guess it isn't unheard of, but most people live in apartments and houses so there must be some record of them, you would think...wouldn't you? I get it if they can't identify homeless people or runaways-most of them don't want to be identified (that's why they run away from home). But you would imagine that someone out there would notice if you were missing...but I guess in a lot of cases, people live alone and lose contact with friends and family...

Which is really, really sad. I can't imagine dying alone in my apartment. It sounds like a terrible way to end a long and (mostly happy-you would hope) life. I'm planning on dying in my home (or in my garden) surrounded by my family. Hmmm...I guess for that to happen, I'd better get started on making a family, eh? Ha ha!

Oh! And if you have an elderly aunt or uncle who has no kids, give them a call today to see how they are doing! You'll probably make their day!

Have a great day!

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