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Good morning everyone,

Well, it's pouring out at the moment and it looks like it isn't going to let up for most of the day. It should stop raining over night, but we may see some rain early tomorrow morning. Saturday is looking nice with mostly sunny skies and a high of around 24C. After that, the weather becomes a bit hard to predict as Typhoon 18 heads our way. It's too early to say how close it'll pass by, but it'll bring us some unsettled and MUCH cooler weather-from Sunday, highs will only be around 22C!

The year is 1964...

The Rolling Stones release their first album.

Mary Poppins is a hit movie.

The Beatles have the number one album and number one movie at the same time.

Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe are born.

Tokyo holds the Olympics.

And the shinkansen has its maiden run.

That's right! If you can remember the first time the bullet train, you're showing your age. No matter what anybody says, you should claim that you hadn't been born yet!

Since its inception, over 5.6 billion passengers have enjoyed travelling along the Japanese archipelago on 'the plane without wings' which now zooms up and down the entire country-from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. Of course, it isn't cheap, but it's so convenient and it is BY FAR the most relaxing way to travel. You don't have to stand in line, check your bags, take off your belt or...well, anything. You just get on the train and go...well, you need to grab a beer beforehand, but otherwise that's all! 

And even if you forget (or don't have time to) pick up your beer before hopping on the train, no worries. There's always a lovely cart girl willing to sell you one along with delicious lunches, snacks and even ice cream if you so desire. It would take a lot of convincing for me to change my mind about the bullet trains being the best way to travel!

I've just decided that when I head back home for good, I'll fly to Vancouver and then take the train from Vancouver to Toronto. It isn't the 'bullet train', but it sounds way better than being cramped up in a tiny  little seat for 13 hours! Ha ha!

Anyway, I'm getting a bit off topic...happy birthday Nozomi! (that's the name of the train in the picture)
jr bullet train

Have a great day!

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