Chu-pi- Matsuri and School BBQ

Good morning everyone,

There was a lot of rain yesterday and through the night-I hope everyone is ok. The good news is that today is going to clear up and be mostly sunny. Tomorrow will be as well. Then they are expecting the typhoon to pass south of us and we'll see some rain from it on Sunday and Monday before sunny weather returns on Tuesday. Also, they've now raised the highs for the post-typhoon weather. It'll still cool down, but only a couple of degrees-highs from Tuesday will be 25C or 26C.

This year, it looks like the fall bbq will only have a small number of people-less than 10 it looks like. Don't worry, I'm not planning on cancelling it (unless it rains). However, seeing as there won't be that many of us, I wonder if it is better to move it to Honkawa, where we had the spring one. There isn't much to do there but eat, drink and chat (but what else will we do at Karuga?) So, bbq attendees-it's up to you...we can still go to Karuga or we can go to Honkawa instead. Any preferences?

But, before that...have you heard of the Chu-pi- Matsuri? Well, neither had I till I was riding my bike home last night (in the pouring rain) and saw the colorful tents and big sign up at the old baseball stadium grounds. Does anybody have any idea what it is?

I checked the Chugoku Shinbun homepage and there was some info, but it was just a long blurb about what the festival is. There were no pictures or anything promoting it that I could find. It mentioned the Chu-pi- Club a couple of times. I wonder if the members of that club get some kind of discount or something.

Anyway, from what I could work out, it seems like a collaboration between the Chu-pi- Club and a bunch of local shops and restaurants selling everything from popcorn (I wonder if 'Jerry' will be there) to plants (and beer of course). Well, if the weather is nice, I might take my friend there after work or on Sunday...

I doubt it'll be the most exciting festival in the world, but it's still something fun to do, right? And there's no way it'll be as expensive as Oktoberfest! Ha ha!

Have a great day! And if you swing by the Chu-pi- Matsuri, let me know how it was! Oh! And, if you are coming to the bbq, let me know where you'd like to have it! (We could even change to Miyajima, if you'd like...)

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