Light-headed (not dim-witted)

Good morning everyone,

It was another gorgeous day yesterday-I hope you enjoyed it! Today and tomorrow aren't looking very good-it'll start to rain at some point this afternoon and continue raining overnight and into tomorrow. The rain will probably ease up tomorrow afternoon and then clear up again on Tuesday. Highs for the next couple of days will be in the low 20s and then it'll warm back up to around 25C or so for the rest of the week starting from Tuesday.

Since I came back to Japan from Canada, I've been feeling a bit light-headed. I wondered if it was something serious like diabetes-I don't know why, but it's my biggest fear! Probably because I like chocolate so much! There's no history of diabetes in my family and I'm not really at high risk of getting it with my active lifestyle and (relatively) healthy diet. The only thing I have going against me is the chocolate. But it's not my fault! Japanese chocolate is just so great! It's just creamy enough and not too sweet...ahhh...I need to take a break so I can enjoy some chocolate...

Ok...I'm back! Anyway, this blog isn't about chocolate. I think I wrote in an earlier blog (about a month or so ago) that I took a header (fell down) when I stood up too quickly and since then I've been really aware of being light headed. It isn't diabetes-I had my health check just before I went to Canada and my blood sugar wasn't high. So, I wondered what the heck it could be...

I didn't bother going to the doctor; for one, because being light-headed isn't considered that serious of a problem-in fact, it's quite common apparently. And two, we (meaning my family) love to self-diagnose! I can always tell you what's wrong with me. I think people know their own bodies well, so as long as it isn't anything too serious, then I don't have a problem with self-diagnosing-provided you aren't a hypochondriac! You would spend all your free time trying to figure out what you were dying from! Ha ha!

Anyway, I'm not a hypochondriac. So I looked into some of the most common causes of light-headedness. Eliminating the impossible-medication, pregnancy (I hope not!), age ( comment here, but I think they were referring to elderly people), and diabetes (assuming the blood test was correct a month ago), I settled on the most logical one-dehydration. 

I run all the time and I thought I was drinking enough but obviously I wasn't. Nowadays I drink over 2L a day and my lightheadedness has all but gone away! Woo hoo! I never would have guessed that it was just that I wasn't drinking enough water! I love water! I drink it all the time. No tea. No juice. No soda or pop. Just water and coffee and the occasional beer...and more water! 

But drinking more water has helped and I'm not going to question it!  So, if you're feeling lightheaded, check your pee. If it's the colour of straw, you're ok. If it's the colour of iced tea, you aren't getting enough water (how do women check their pee? Wait! Don't tell me! I don't want to know! Ha ha!)

Have a great day! And drink up! (water, that is!)

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