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Good morning everyone,

I guess it was a bit windy and rainy last night, but I didn't really hear anything. Did you? Other parts of Japan are being hammered by this storm, but it looks like, once again, we are being spared the worst of it. The sun should come up later this morning and then they are forecasting a mostly sunny and warm week with highs around 25C or 26C everyday. I hope that weather keeps up for the bbq!

My friend came to Hiroshima and we met up on Saturday night. It was great to catch up!

We drank too much, ate a bit and talked straight from 7:30 till midnight. My throat was sore the next day, I talked so much! Ha ha!

Speaking of the next day, we headed to Miyajima early in the morning to beat the rain and we did luckily! I've never seen Miyajima so quiet. A couple were there for their wedding and that was nice to see them all dressed up in traditional Japanese wedding kimono and hakama. Although it still looks strange to me to see a foreign guy wearing a hakama-I don't know seems like he's just dressing up for Halloween or something. I've never seen one guy be able to pull it off without looking...somehow...I don't know how to put it...without looking like he's just dressed up in Japanese clothes, rather than actually 'wearing' them. Can you get what I mean? It's tough to explain. Anyway, they looked happy and I wish them all the best!

And we stayed in front of the gate...he took 3 or 4 pictures and that was all. We stopped for a coffee at some tiny little coffee shop which was really good actually, but the atmosphere needs a bit of work...we couldn't find the door...there were too many chairs along the counter and the cups were really small. Despite all of the that, it was one of the best coffees I'd had in a while. If we hadn't stopped at the cafe, we would have probably spent a total of half an hour on the island! He took pictures of some deer for his kids, one of the shrine (to prove to his wife that he was actually there) and that was that! We were out of there...and it was a good thing we did leave early, because it started raining while we were on the train back to Hiroshima Station.

We had Hiroshima style okonomiyaki and said our good-byes and hopefully it won't be 7 years till the next time we meet! ha ha!

So, if you've got an old friend that you haven't kept in touch with, give them a call-it's great to catch up!

Have a great day!

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