What went wrong?

Good morning everyone,

I don't know if you were out last night or not, but it was a really cool wind blowing. Now the weather is starting to look like autumn-daytime highs in the mid 20s and overnight lows in the mid to high teens. And it's looking like it'll be sunny all week too! Well, at least until Typhoon 19 gets here...it's coming! And it's following almost the same path as the last one...it's still a few days away yet...maybe early to mid next week.

So, the Carp lost last night and officially finished the season in 3rd place. It's not the end of the world, they're still in the Climax Series, but they really played poorly down the stretch (the end of the season). In September and October their record was 12 wins and 16 losses...while it's not horrible, a losing record is not how you want to end the season.

And, on top of that, collapsing under the pressure of playing for home field advantage in the first round of playoffs is not a good sign for a team that wants to be a champion. All they had to do was beat either the Giants or the Tigers this past week and they lost both games.

It's hard to put a finger on exactly what went wrong, but some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the skipper-Nomura. He has taken a lot of heat this season-some of it deserved and some of it a bit unfairly (it's not his fault if the relief pitchers pitch badly). But when a team falls apart at the end of the season, the manager and coaches have to take some responsibility.

And, so do the players-especially the 'stars' like Mae-ken, Eldred, Maru and Kikuchi. They didn't all play that badly, but the job of a 'star' player is to make the players around him play better and I don't think they did that well enough.

The season isn't over yet, of course we are disappointed because we were counting on having some home games for the Climax Series. However, the Carp took two games in Osaka last year, so hopefully they can do it again this year...

We kind of backed into the Climax Series this year, but we are still in it and as long as we are in it, we have a chance to win it! 


Have a great day!

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