What I learned yesterday...

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking great! It'll get up to 28C and be sunny all day. From tomorrow...not so much...the temperature will drop and be cloudy most of the day with a  50% chance of rain...then Monday will rain for sure and the rain and cooler weather may continue into Tuesday. From Wednesday, it will clear up but remain cold with highs in the low 20s all week.

It's the toughest kind of weather to make a call about the bbq tomorrow. If it was going to be sunny or rainy, it'd be an easy decision to make. Ha ha! But cloudy and cool with a chance of rain...ahhh...I can't decide! I'll confirm my decision later today-check back around lunchtime...but it's not looking good...

In order to stay young, you have to learn something new every day. I try to do it-I'm not always successful, but I always try.

Here are a couple of things I learnt yesterday...

1) Amongst the American coffee chains in Hiroshima (Starbucks, Tully's, Seattle's Best Coffee) and the cheaper Japanese chains (Doutour, Velocce, St. Marc's), Seattle's Best Coffee has...well...the best coffee. I went there yesterday for the first time in a long time and was reminded about how good their coffee was. It's near my school, it isn't that over-priced, and has outdoor seating, so why not go there more often? Well, it is also the only coffee shop that doesn't have separated smoking and non-smoking areas. Is that even legal anymore!? So, it stinks! And the smell ruins the taste of the coffee. If they closed the smoking section or, at the very least, built the smokers a separate room, I'd definitely go more often.

2) If one person gives you a bagel and another person gives you homemade marmalade (you know-the proper kind with long pieces of peel/skin/rind), they don't necessarily go well together. I tried it. They tasted great (as I figured they would) but the marmalade kept dripping off the ends and through the hole in the middle and made a huge mess. I was lucky I didn't get any on my pants. Was it worth it? Yeah. (because it tasted so great!) but I won't do it again! I spent almost as much time cleaning up as I did enjoying the snack.

3) If someone gives you a treat/sweets/chocolate, it isn't necessary to try and eat all of it in one day. Ok...so it's not like I stuffed a whole cake down in a day, but I did eat way too many of the chocolates and felt a little guilty afterwards...especially when I realized that it's less than one month till the Peace Marathon! Doh! (an expression made famous by the character Homer Simpson in 'The Simpsons'. It's used to express feelings of disappointment or frustration.) I need to get training...starting tomorrow...

And those are the three things I learnt yesterday! How about you? What did you learn?

Have a great day!

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