Good morning everyone,

That turned into a really windy evening, didn't it? I think I rode home when it was at its worst. That's the windiest weather I've ever had to ride my bike in, I actually had to walk my bike across Shinkoibashi, because it was so windy. This morning may still see a few gusts, but the wind should die down and the sky will clear up and turn into a nice day. It'll be cool though-the high will only be 21C. The rest of the week will be the same-mostly sunny, highs of 21C or 22C and lows of 13C or 14C. Pretty nice! Especially when my parents tell that they've already had frost back home! Brrr!


All right, we should have seen this coming, especially after Mister Donut Japan came out with original croissant doughnuts earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less thrilled with the news — this coming week, Mister Donut will be releasing their very own cupcakes! We’re definitely not complaining. In fact, we’ll be waiting in line to get a taste of the colorful cupcakes.

They will come in three flavors — lemon, chocolate and blueberry — each topped with plenty of whipped cream in bright colors. Apparently they’re done in a style they’re describing as “otona kawaii”  (“adult cute”, literally) that’s girly but not too childish. Does that mean that I'll be able to go in and buy them without being too embarrassed? I could say they are for my family, right? Ha ha!

As for the three flavors...

This is the lemon cupcake, made from a plain white cake and a refreshing lemon whipped cream, topped with cute (but in an adult way) pastel-colored sprinkles.


Here’ s the chocolate flavor, a chocolate based cupcake topped by chocolate flavored whipped cream mixed with chocolate flakes and crowned with a cream filled cocoa cookie on top.

And this is the blueberry one, it's a blueberry cupcake base, to which they’ve added blueberry flavored whipped cream and dried blueberries sprinkled on top.

The cupcakes will be sold for 194 yen each at Mister Donut shops across Japan from October 15 to the end of December. They’re sure to delight at get-togethers, and for those of us who secretly want to indulge in a cupcake. And because they're made in Japan, they probably won't be too big which means I can enjoy it without feeling too guilty afterwards. Hopefully they'll be small enough that I can try two! Ha ha!

Which one would you try first?

Have a great day!

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