Giving away your age...

Good morning everyone,

Enjoy the weather this weekend-it's going to be nice! Today and tomorrow will both see sunny weather and highs around 24C. Monday will also continue to be nice. Then, from Tuesday the weather will be a bit unsettled. It'll be cloudy and we may see some rain on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And even worse...we'll see a high of only 19C on Thursday! I'm already feeling the need for gloves in the mornings, but by then I'll be needing a jacket!

So, how do you pose when it comes time to have your picture taken?

This year's trend sees girls in their teens going for the 'mushiba pose'. First of all, a 'mushiba' is a cavity and the 'mushiba pose' is when you place one or both of your hands on your cheeks, like this..
photo pose-mushiba

That got me thinking about the other types of poses that are popular in Japan...

Of course there is the ubiquitous 'peace sign' which I even do now! Ha ha! Apparently, if you do it this way, you are in your thirties (or older)...
photo pose-peace sign
If you want to show that you're still young, you should hold the 'peace sign' next to your face, like this...
photo pose-peace sign next to face
...apparently this style is popular for girls in their 20s.

Then, if you're like me and don't fit into any of those 'cute, young' categories, you switch to the side semi-profile pose. What you do is turn your body slightly inwards. It makes it much easier to hide your middle-age spread...ha ha!
photo pose-semi side profile
Which pose do you do?

Have a great day!   

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