Not moping around!

Good morning everyone,

Well, they are calling for nice weather for the next few days. I don't know about you, but I'll be out enjoying it while I can! Today through Friday are all looking nice and sunny and pretty warm too with highs in the low 20s every day. From Saturday the clouds will roll in and they are calling for rain on Sunday and Monday. It's a big far away to worry about, but if it does rain, I won't be looking forward to running the Peace Marathon in the rain again. Last year I did and it wasn't fun at all...

I'm feeling a bit blah today so I'm going to get out and recharge my batteries. I've fill my day as full as I can...

After I finish my blog, here is what my day will look like...

I'll run to Mitaki and then run up the hill (it's actually more like a small mountain) not once but twice. In total, it'll probably end up being somewhere around 13km including two steep climbs. Once I get home I'll take out the garbage (it's burnable day in Koi on Tuesdays) and throw my clothes in the washing machine. While the clothes are going through the cycle, I'll go do the grocery shopping.

After that, it'll depend on what time it is. If I were able to pull off everything I wanted to by 9:30 or so, I'll head to the pool for a swim-maybe 700m or 800m and then go to Al Park to catch a movie that starts at 10:50.

Once the movie is over, I'm going to ride my bike to Costco and pick up some stuff that I forgot to get last week when I was there. And because I will have run 12km or so, swam 700m or so and ridden my bike for about 8 or 9km, I'm going to treat myself to a hot dog AND a slice of pizza before I head home for a well-deserved nap!

If I can somehow manage to do all of that today, I will consider it a roaring success! If I'm getting a bit behind schedule, the first thing I'll cut is the movie. I'm not really dying to see it, it's the new movie starring Denzel Washington called 'The Equalizer'. It's got decent reviews and I like Denzel Washington, so if I have time, I'll check it out. If not, no worries.

A day like that will get me recharged for sure!

How about you? What do you do when you're feeling a bit blah?

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