I'm actually an ambivert...

Good morning everyone,

Well, the rain wasn't too bad on the way home last night. It's supposed to keep up for most of today and tomorrow and then should clear up on Monday. Monday and Tuesday will see highs in the high teens but tomorrow and Sunday and later in the week will all be at 20C or higher. Not too bad for November, eh? I hope we don't pay for it in December! Ha ha!

I was reading facebook a while ago (don't ask me why...it's so annoying most of the time!). Anyway, when I was scrolling past all of the cookie recipes and videos of people acting like jerks, I saw a post talking about personality and thinking about whether you were an introvert or an extrovert.
One thing that surprised me was that most of the things that they used to describe a typical introvert perfectly described me! I was a bit shocked-I've always thought of myself as a bit of an extrovert.

Then I saw that there is a third category...an ambivert. If you've never heard of it before, don't worry, neither had I till I saw it. Apparently, an ambivert is a person who displays some introvert characteristics and some extrovert ones.
  ambivert fun fact

I can say with confidence that I definitely can be an introvert sometimes...socializing too much tires me out and I sometimes look forward to spending time alone...for instance, going to a café for a coffee by myself. Or spending the night at home alone. Like this guy...
introvert extrovert
But I do seek out the company of others at times. There are times when I feel like having a beer, and it's so depressing to sit at home and have a beer alone. I'd much rather go out and have a beer with my mates!

How about you? Do you fit in any particular category?

Have a great day!

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