Eating like a pig!

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday's weather was awesome! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! They said it was only supposed to get up to 18C, but it felt way hotter than that. Do you know what the high was yesterday? Today's weather is looking almost as nice. It'll be a bit cooler in the morning and evening, but the weather for today will also be 18C and sunny. From tomorrow, it'll warm up slightly with a high of 20C and remain sunny or mostly sunny through Saturday. Thursday is looking a bit cloudy as we get some cloudy weather from the typhoon that will be passing far to the south of us later this week.

The race yesterday was so busy! It was a far cry from last year when it was raining. I think we have a lot of fair-weather runners in Hiroshima! Ha ha! Seriously though, the beginning of the race was so crowded-I felt like I was back in Osaka when I had to dart between slower runners for the first half of the race. It opened up a bit after that and I was able to finish strong. So despite the huge crowd in front of me, I was able to break 45 minutes. I'm definitely going for a sub-40 minute race at Kuga in January!

But I also ate so much after the race! After a week of hemming and hawing  and waiting to see what the weather was going to be like, we finally settled on having a bbq. It was definitely the right call! It was great weather for a bbq (until the sun went down, then it got real cold real fast!) and it was relaxing with a smaller number of people. In the future, I think I'm going to limit the number of people at school bbqs to under 10! Ha ha! Of course, that would mean having to have a bbq twice a month! After yesterday, I'd say, "No problem!".

The problem was the food-there was so much! And in typical Jerry-fashion, I fretted all morning about going to buy more food...that somehow there wouldn't be enough. In the end, I didn't have time and that was a good thing, because we ended up having some leftovers, although not as many as usual. I'm getting a bit better at gauging how much food we need. We also had scallops this time-which was great! The pancakes were a big hit too! I'll definitely make them a regular part of the bbq menu in the future!

Then...after all that food (I didn't mention the 'harami', the alligator, the kangaroo, the beef tongue, the 'kalbi', or the vegetables)...we did what you would expect...go home, right? Wrong! We packed up and took the stuff home and then went out for ramen, gyoza and another beer! I didn't even have to climb into bed, I just rolled in! (meaning I was so full that my belly was round enough to 'roll' like a ball) Ha ha! And I rolled out of bed this morning too! I'm going to have to go for a run today just to burn off the calories from yesterday! Ha ha!

How about you? How did you spend the last day of the long weekend?

Have a great day!

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