Don't read the news-it's too depressing!

Good morning everyone,

I don't know if you're planning on going out today, but if you are, I'd recommend heading out later this morning or after lunch. It's supposed to stop raining by then, you see. If, like me, you have to go out this morning, you'll be needing an umbrella. The good news is that today looks like the only rainy day this week. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday will all be sunny and warm with highs around 20C. But they look like they'll be the last of the nice weather for us-from Thursday, the mercury will drop down to highs around 14C. Now, 14C isn't that cold, but dropping from 20C to 14C in one day will make it feel cold, that's for sure-especially when the mornings will only be around 5C!

The first thing I read in the news this morning was that PM Abe's 'Ahonomics' had made the top 20% richest people in Japan richer and the bottom 20% of us poorer. Japan has a saying “ichioku-sohchu-ryu” which translates to “a nation of middle-class people.” However, in the past few decades, the middle-class in Japan has shrunk at twice the average rate of other developed countries. Since 1980, incomes have dropped for the lower classes while they’ve risen for those in the higher classes. And this problem is made worse by the lack of employment security. In the past 10 years the number of full-time job offers has declined by almost 2 million. The image of Japan not having an income gap may be ending...

After reading that, I gave up on the news for today. It's too depressing! Ha ha! (Especially when I'm one of those people in the bottom 20%.)

Instead, I hopped on my iPhone and found out that Microsoft is offering Word, Excel and Power Point as free 'apps' now! That's so awesome! I've been looking for an app to use to make documents since I first got my iPhone, but could never really find one. And for those of you who are Android users, don't worry! Apparently you can get those same programs for free as well...

Now, that's happier news, isn't it?

If you are one of those people who doesn't use 'apps' on their phone, you can be happy today knowing that I'm happy! ;)

Have a great day!

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