I know 'Frozen' is popular, but...

Good morning everyone,

Did you enjoy the rainy morning yesterday? No?! Me neither! The good news is that yesterday was the last we'll see of rain for a while. They are calling for a mix of sun and clouds every day for the rest of this week. The warm weather will continue till Wednesday with highs around 20C. Then, on Thursday we'll see a low of only 5C and a high of 12C. Brrr! I guess I better dig out my winter running gear...

So, the hugest hit of the year in Japan was 'Frozen'. There must have been hundreds of young girls dressed up as one of the two sisters in the movie for Halloween...ok...more like thousands and thousands! Is there anything you can't buy with the 'Frozen' logo on it? I've seen bags, books, pencils, t-shirts, cakes...pretty much anything you can think of...

And one think I wouldn't have thought of...
frozen bra1
That's right! Triumph, the lingerie maker that comes out with an imaginative bra every year (do you remember the 'fish bowl' one?), has made a 'Frozen' themed bra this year.

And if that wasn't enough, not only is the bra in the style of 'Frozen', but it actually changes colour when you are nearby a friend. Normally the bra is black, but when they come into contact...voila!
frozen bra 2

Apparently this is meant to represent the idea of the two sisters working together in the movie as well as the newest trend that has hit Japan...futago-kode, where two friends will dress similarly to show their close relationship. I haven't really been paying attention to be honest...is it popular? Have you noticed young girls dressing the same? I haven't. But I'm also never out on Hondori or Namikidori on the weekends...

Next weekend I'm going out with some friends...I guess I'd better ask them what they're wearing, so I can make sure that we match! Ha ha!

Have a great day! 

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