I tried 'shirunashitantanmen' and...

Good morning everyone,

It's cold out there in the mornings and evenings, isn't it? I'm seriously thinking that I might need to throw on my winter coat. I swear I didn't need it last year till the middle of December! Is it colder, earlier this year? Or is just me? Anyway, the forecast isn't changing much...it'll continue to be nice in the middle of the day with daytime highs around 15C to 17C all week but the mornings will be cool with lows between 4C and 9C. Monday is still looking like it's going to rain and the rest of the week will be mostly sunny.

I've had a group of students telling me about this 'new'
汁なし担担麺 (pronounced 'shirunashitantanmen') but I hadn't had a chance to try it till yesterday. Actually, there's a shop not that far from my school that sells it. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first experience, but it was pretty good! Better than I expected, actually.
The shop I went to is called, 'Kunimatsu' and it's pretty small. I think there is only seating for about 20 people or so. There's a small counter and 4 or 5 tables and that's it. And you don't want to be carrying a big bag in there either, there's no place to turn around. If you go to the wrong table, you'll have to back up to get out! Ha ha!

It was my first time and I'd heard that it's a bit spicy so I went for the #1 spice level (I think there are 5 different levels you can choose from, from 1 to 4 and then 'kunimax'...whatever that means! Ha ha! I'm guessing it's pretty though!) Even the lowest level had a bit of zip to it. I like spicy food so I could probably handle 3 without too much trouble. I'll give #3 a try  next time...

And there will be a next time, because it was good! And filling! And not too expensive. The basic price was 580 yen. Not bad for lunch, if you ask me! I noticed that  a lot of people were ordering a mini-bowl of rice with their
汁なし担担麺 and then not eating it...and then I saw that they were dumping in the bowl after they'd finished the noodles to sop up the little bit of soup that was left. It looks like a great idea, but I don't know...I was pretty full even after just the noodles...still, I'll give it a shot next time! There isn't much rice-less than half a cup I'd say...it's definitely not too much!

So, if you're out and about and want to give
汁なし担担麺 a try, I say you should go for it...just don't go around lunchtime or you'll have to stand in line! I went at 1:20 or so and waited for at least 10 minutes for a seat...it was worth it though!

Have a great day!

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