Why I'm not marrying a Japanese woman and Happy Beaujolais Day!

Good morning everyone,

We're going to see temperatures that are slightly higher than normal for the next few days and the sunny weather should stick around till the beginning of next week, so make sure you enjoy it this weekend!

First of all, it's that time of year again-yeah, yeah, it's time to put up the Christmas decorations and it's time to pack away all your summer clothes and it's almost time to get started on writing on your New Year's postcards. I suppose it's time to put snow tires on the car too...but I'm not talking about any of those things. Because it's time for the annual release of Beaujolais Nouveau! This time of year is treated like a party every year in Japan. Of course there are special events worldwide on November 20th, but it takes on a particular manic feeling here...it's hard to describe how it's different, but it feels bigger here. I think that this day is only celebrated by oenophiles back home, but in Japan many people who don't even regularly drink red wine (like me) jump on the bandwagon! ha ha!

Oh! And why am I not marrying a Japanese woman, you ask?

Because of this lady...
chisako kakehi

...and because of this headline from the UK Daily Mail...

‘Black widow’ millionairess is arrested in Japan after the death of her SEVENTH partner in suspected cyanide poisoning 

  • Chisako Kakehi has got a combined 800m yen from ex-partner's deaths
  • Post mortems found traces of cyanide in at least two of her former lovers
  • She has denied killing her partners, claiming she was 'doomed by fate' 

If you haven't heard of Chisako Kakehi, she is the woman whose romantic partners end up dead-the latest one was the 7th husband or boyfriend of hers that died and she has netted a cool 800 million yen from life insurance policies and other assets from the deaths of those men. That's scary!

And the headline describes Chisako Kakehi as a 'black widow'. A black widow is a type of spider that eats its mate after sex and has been used to describe woman in the past who have killed their husbands/partners. But the worrying word is that there have been more cases of this in Japan. The most recent one being in 2012 when a woman was found guilty of murdering 3 men who she had met through internet dating sites.

Japanese women are scary! ha ha!

Have a great day!

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