Being woken up...

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another fantastic day out there! We can expect a high around 18C and mostly sunny weather. Tomorrow and Sunday are looking the same and the warm weather will continue right through till Wednesday. Unfortunately, it'll start to cloud over on Monday and we may see scattered showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to drop back down to more seasonal highs (mid teens) by the end of next week.

I think one of my neighbours must of retired this past April...or maybe he got a new do I know that? Well, it's hard to describe exactly how, but for the last couple of years he has been waking me up every morning. You see, he has (had?) one of those hybrid cars...or maybe it was electric....I'm not sure. But whichever one it was, whenever he headed off in the morning, it made a high-pitched, whining sound. It wasn't that loud. If people were sound asleep, it wasn't nearly loud enough to wake them up. But I was already half-awake and it was like my unofficial alarm clock. Ha ha!

The guy was like clockwork! I heard that whiny revving of the engine every morning between 5:15 and 5:20. It was my signal to climb out of my nice warm bed and start my day.

It was weird too, because it only ever made that sound in the cold weather which was also exactly what I needed. I can drag myself out of bed easily in the summer when it's already sunny and warm-even at 5 in the morning. Doing the same when your room is around 10C (or less) and it's still pitch-black outside is a bit's so cozy! 

So, dear neighbour, if you're reading this, your wife isn't the only one who wants you to go back to work. I do too! We both would really appreciate it! She can have the house to herself again and I can drag my butt out of bed a bit earlier...ha ha! I don't want to wake up to an alarm-I don't really need it. I'm already awake...I just need that extra little push to remind me that it's time to abandon my warm bed and start my day...

Any suggestions? I suppose I could have a baby, I hear that they are good at waking you up early in the morning, but I was thinking of something a little cheaper...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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