Run or can't do both...(I can't do either...ha ha!)

Good morning everyone, about that rain last wasn't my fault! Was it in the forecast? Hell, no! And it's not in the forecast today or tomorrow either-there's a slight chance of rain on Monday and then it's looking more and more like we can expect to see rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. The mercury will fall slightly the end of next week, but it'll still be above normal for this time of year.

So, other than it starting to rain out of the blue last night and the fact that they are calling for rain on Tuesday (when I HAVE TO go for a long run, whether it rains or not) the weather isn't looking too bad.

Let's hope it keeps up (the nice weather, not the rain) at least until next Sunday when I'll be running a 15km race through the mountains in Miyajima. Nobody likes running in the rain, but if it rains the day before or during that race, it makes it hellishly dangerous. I've seen a few slip and falls that left the runners with some serious cuts and bruises. Imagine running down a really steep road with hairpin curves and a ton of fallen leaves and, on top of that, add water. That, my friend, is a recipe for a broken wrist (because you put your hand out to stop yourself from falling).

So, cross your fingers, your toes and anything else you can cross to pray for nice weather next weekend!

If it rains on Tuesday, I'll still go for a run, but I won't be able to do the hill training that I should (for the same reason that the race would be dangerous if it rained-it's too slippery), so I'm wondering if I should change my schedule and do the long, hill-training run on Sunday...hmmm...but that means giving up karaoke...

Yeah, giving up karaoke is an easy decision for me to make...ha ha! But, you know, it's the chance to hang out with friends that I'd regret missing. These are the types of decisions that runners-or anyone who has a serious hobby-has to make on a regular basis. Do I give up a training day so I can have a little fun with my friends? I know that I'll enjoy it way more than running up and down a small mountain...on the other hand, will I regret it on race day when I'm stumbling across the finish line? Will I be cursing their names? Why did I go to karaoke?! I should have ran up and down that stupid hill instead...

Ahhh...decisions, decisions...

How do you make difficult decisions? For me...I flip a coin! Heads, I'll go to karaoke. Tails, I'll go for a run!

I'll let you know the answer tomorrow...

Have a great day!

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