Keeping warm at home...

Good morning everyone,

There's no change in the forecast for this week. Today and tomorrow will be gorgeous with highs of 20C and mostly sunny skies both days! How awesome is that? It's almost the end of November and we're still enjoying daytime highs of 20C!? Amazing! The rest of the week will also see highs above normal for this time of year, hovering around 17C. Unfortunately, they are still calling for rain on Tuesday and Wednesday and they are also saying there's a 50% chance of rain on Saturday. That is not good news...I certainly hope that changes between now and then.

I think I've talked before about the difference between the clothes we (Canadians) wear at home and the clothes you (Japanese) do. Basically, we change into more comfortable clothes too, but for the most part, they are clothes that we'll happily hop in the car in and drive to the store if we have to. Here in Japan, winter room wear isn't even safe for taking the garbage out! ha ha!

And this year I've taken it one step further...the clothes I just bought are toasty warm! I haven't even needed to turn the heater on at home yet! 
However, there's no way I'd wear them to even answer the door for a deliveryman, let alone risking having my neighbours see me in them while taking out the garbage! 
I swear, if there was a fire in my building, I'd change my clothes before I fled the flames! Ha ha!

Don't get me wrong. Of course we have clothes like them back home too, but we call them 'pyjamas' and when we get out of bed, we change out of them into different clothes for around the house. Living in Japan means spending your entire home life in your pyjamas! No wonder why lots of foreigners stay here! Ha ha!

When I was a kid, I was allowed to stay in my pjs (short for pyjamas) till after breakfast only on weekends. Other than that, basically the pattern was get up, have a shower, get dressed, have breakfast and head out to school...(don't tell anyone, but I didn't have a shower every morning! Well, when I was really young anyway...after I was put to work in the mornings, not having a shower wasn't an option...

So now that I'm living in Japan, every day feels like a weekend because I spend all my time in my pjs! Well, in the winter anyway...and not when I have to take out the garbage or if the building is burning down...ha ha!

How about you? Do you hang out at home in 'room wear' (just a euphemism for pjs)?

Have a great day!

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